Jane Marple: 'British Bookshelf'

Jane Marple's British Bookshelf JSK in Navy

I admired this series when it was previewed, but when hearing it was an in-store only release and completely sold out, I resigned myself to waiting a few years for the resale price to drop. Luckily there were a few in store when I went to La Foret! I spent a while umming and ahhing in the store and actually walked out, but then returned later when I didn't find anything I liked in the other stores. (・∇・`〃 )

This dress is actually longer than all of my other JM pieces, bar one. I feel this is because it's an Autumn/Winter release rather than a Spring/Summer series. The material is also noticeably sturdier than that used in SS series, though there's still a small inbuilt petticoat in the skirt.

While the token crown charm on the zipper is cute, I actually really dislike the zipper used. While neatly concealed, it's rather large and chunky compared to their usual invisible zippers, and it tends to get caught on itself making it difficult to unzip. I have another dress with the same zipper, and has the same issue.

I was surprised they paired a printed waist sash with this series, as overall it looks very busy. Not that I'm complaining; I'm really happy to have more of their printed sashes since I have an abundance of plain ones. I also love the use of printed gold to highlight the detailing in the print, I feel the the print is the type where you could look at it for ages and still not see every detail. 

I've seen a few beautiful coordinates with this dress already ( including one of my own ! ), and I can't wait to wear it some more. (ꈍ罒ꈍ﹡)


  1. This dress is absolutely dreamy! I'd love to own it, but I'm not familiar with JM's sizes enough to be comfortable buying it without trying it first. But it is a dream, if I were you I wouldn't take it off <3

    1. I'm sure you'd fit it fine! JM's sizing is pretty consistent, so if you know anyone with any of their dresses you can try that on and be fine!

  2. That is a gorgeous dress! The gold details are really something.